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Terms & Conditions

Article 1 (Applicability)

This agreement is applied to every matter that associates when using this website (hereinafter referred to as "this service") managed by Felissimo Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Felissimo"). 

Article 2 (Amendment and Consent)

FELISSIMO may amend these terms of use without the Users' prior consent, and the Users, by continuing to use the Services, shall be regarded as having agreed to the amendment.

Article 3 (Use of Services)

1. Users agree to use the Services subject to these terms of use; any and all other conditions set by FELISSIMO.
2. Users agree to take responsibility for all information they send through the Services, and agree not to cause damage or inconvenience to FELISSIMO.
3. If Users are under sixteen (16) years old, their guardian must approve their use of the Services. Users who are under sixteen (16) years old are prohibited from purchasing products, regardless of whether or not their guardian approved the purchase.
4. FELISSIMO does not guarantee that the contents of this website will always adjust to the Users' computer, or that the website or Services will always operate properly.
5. Accessing FELISSIMO's website is at the Users' free will; thus, Users accept responsibility for using this website and the Services

Article 4 (Users)

Under these terms of use, "User(s)" means a person who uses the Services by either visiting this website, purchasing products through this website, etc. When Users use the Services, they are considered to have accepted these terms of use.

Article 5 (Registration of Users)

1. When Users initially use the Services and purchase products on this website, they are, in general, required to register their information.
2. Users agree to enter their accurate information in the registration form and send it to this website. Users are prohibited from submitting false information.
3. Each individual User may only register one (1) time. FELISSIMO reserves the right to not approve the Users registration if (a) the User has received a stoppage or deletion of their registration as a result of a breach of these terms or any other terms of use regarding FELISSIMO, (b) the contents of the User's registration include false information, or (c) FELISSIMO otherwise considers the approval of the registration inappropriate.
4. If Users purchase products via their credit card, they are required to only use credit cards issued under their own name.
5. If any of the Users' registered information changes, such as address/name/telephone number or any other registered information, Users must promptly report the change through measures separately specified by FELISSIMO.

Article 6 (Management of e-mail address and password)

1. Users must use e-mail address and password that they have chosen for this service.
2. Users have all responsibilities for using and managing e-mail address and password that they have chosen.
3. Users may not give, lend, show or use e-mail address and password to a third person.

4. The owner of the e-mail address must be fully resposible for any disadvantages caused by the usage of their e-mail address and password by a third person, and Felissimo will not take any resposibility.

5. Users must immediately contact Felissimo if they find out their e-mail address is being used by a third person.

Article 7 (Termination of Service and Deletion of User Registration)

In the case of any following examples, FELISSIMO may determine that providing the Service is inappropriate and stop or delete the User's registration without any prior notice to the User.

1. It is discovered that the registration of the User was previously subject to deletion due to a breach of the Terms of Use.
2. User falls behind in payment or otherwise defaults on payment due to FELISSIMO.
3. User engages in any conduct prohibited under Article 8.
4. User violates any of the Terms of Use.

Article 8 (Prohibited Matters)

While using the Services, Users must refrain from engaging in the following acts; if FELISSIMO determines that any User's act falls under any of the following, it may, among other things, stop providing the Services to or doing transactions with the User, or delete the messages or any other content the User may have sent to this website.

1. Using the Services or any information (including product information), provided on this website, for purposes of making a profit, or non-profit purposes but with the intention to disclose them to third parties, without the prior approval of FELISSIMO.
2. Registering any false information in their registration.
3. Any act which disturbs the management of the Services or any other act which could disrupt the Services.
4. Abusing a credit card through use of the Services.
5. 5. The act of illegally using e-mail address or password .
6. Any act which violates the trademark, copyright, privacy or any other right of another User, a third party or FELISSIMO. Any act which could cause annoyance, loss or damages to another User, a third party or FELISSIMO.
7. Any act which may constitute a libel, slander or defamation against another User, any third party or FELISSIMO
8. Posting false or meaningless information.
9. Any act that is a violation of law or is against public policy; or any act which could be a violation of law or be against public policy.
10. Falsifying information regarding FELISSIMO or the Services or information provided through the Services.
11. Sending or posting harmful computer programs, viruses, malware, spyware, or anything related to the preceding.
12. Any other act which FELISSIMO considers inappropriate in managing the Services.

Article 9 (Copyright)

Users must not violate the copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property rights to images or designs on this website, that are owned by FELISSIMO or any other third party.

Article 10 (Personal Information)

FELISSIMO, in general, will not use Users' personal information or any third party's personal information that Users may have registered with the Services beyond the extent necessary to attain the purpose specified in advance when such personal information was registered. If FELISSIMO wishes to use the personal information beyond such extent, it shall obtain the prior approval of the User or third party.

Article 11 (Transfer of Rights)

Users may not transfer the right to receive, the right to use the Services, or any other right related to the Services, to any other person.

Article 12 (Purchasing Products)

Users may purchase products though the Services. When Users purchase products, they agree to follow the order procedures as specified by FELISSIMO.

Article 13 (Payment)

1. The amount and method of payment for using the Service is subject to the provision described in the application form for the products the User wishes to purchase as well as the Users' guide.
2. If Users make payment via their credit card, they agree to follow all the conditions between them and the credit card company that issued their credit card. If any dispute arises between the User and the credit card company, the User agrees that the dispute will be settled by the User and credit card company only, and agrees that FELISSIMO is not responsible for such dispute.

Article 14 (Return of Products)

For information about returning products,  follow the content written on the "Shopping Guide".

Article 15 (Information Management)

If necessary, FELISSIMO may delete information which Users post on the website or change the posting position of the information. FELISSIMO may delete the Users' content if (a) the content violates these terms of use or (b) FELISSIMO determines the content may cause problems.

Article 16 (Interruption of Services)

FELISSIMO may amend, add, stop or cancel the Services without prior notice to Users and without the Users' consent in the following cases. FELISSIMO is not responsible for any damage caused to the Users by the amendment, addition, stoppage or cancellation of the Services.

1. In cases where periodic or urgent maintenance of the system is necessary.
2. If system management becomes difficult due to accidental fire, power failure, any obstruction by a third party or anything related to the preceding.
3. If the Services are unavailable due to a natural disaster.
4. Any other situation where FELISSIMO considers the amendment, addition, stoppage or cancellation of the Services necessary.

Article 17 (Exemption Clause)

1. If FELISSIMO conducts administrative work in accordance with the contents of the Users' registration, FELISSIMO is not responsible for any damage caused to the Users due to its administration.
2. If FELISSIMO needs to notify Users, FELISSIMO is considered to have performed and satisfied its notification duties by sending mail to the registered address or sending an e-mail to the e-mail address registered in advance by the Users. If FELISSIMO needs to send products to Users at the address they provided, FELISSIMO is considered to have performed and satisfied its relevant duties by sending the products to the address that the Users indicated when purchasing the products.
3. FELISSIMO is not responsible to the Users for any damage or lost earnings caused by: (a) events that are not FELISSIMO's responsibility, (b) special circumstances with or without FELISSIMO foreseeing such circumstance, or (c) any third party's damage claim, unless otherwise provided in these terms of use or Users' guide.
4. If there is a dispute regarding the use of the Services between Users or between a User and any third party, the dispute must be settled by the relevant parties only and must not cause any damage or annoyance to FELISSIMO.

Article 18 (Jurisdiction and Attorney Fees)

1. If there is a dispute between a User and FELISSIMO, the parties agree to settle the dispute in good faith. If the parties are unable to settle the dispute and it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit, the parties agree the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.
2. If a User owes a debt to FELISSIMO by failing to pay the purchase price or otherwise violating these terms of use, and FELISSIMO engages an attorney in order to collect the debt, the User agrees to pay FELISSIMO for FELISSIMO's reasonable attorney fees.

Article 19 (Governing Law)

The construction and application of these terms of use shall be governed by Japanese law.

Supplementary Provisions

Became effective on May 8, 2017
Amended on September 28, 2018