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Triple GELOCK® Vomit Urine Fecal Matter Cleanup Kit (Mask Included)

JP ¥3,454

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Triple GELOCK® Vomit Urine Fecal Matter Cleanup Kit (Mask Included)

JP ¥3,454

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This cleanup kit contains 11 items to clean up vomit, 
urine and fecal matter including; a face mask, gloves, apron, cap and granules.
Ready for use at home, office, or any facilities.

The product's name Triple GELOCK® is derived from the word vomit in Japanese.
You can quickly dispose of vomit, urine, or fecal matter without a hassle.

<How it works>
1. Pour the Triple GELOCK® powder over the vomit and solidify.
2. Spray IS-X NORO CLOSER to disinfect the contaminated areas.
3. Use the non-woven fabric cloth to wipe the contaminated areas.

■Set Includes: Cap x 1, Shinkagin Face Mask x 1, Apron x 1, Pair of Shoe Covers, Pair of Gloves,
Wooden Scraper x 1, Triple GELOCK® Box (Package) x 1, Triple GELOCK® Powder x 1, 
IS-X NORO CLOSER Spray x 1, Non--Woven Cloth x 1, Non--Woven Cloth x 1
・Cap: Non-Woven Cloth
・Shinkagin Face Mask: Non-Woven Cloth
・Apron: Polyethylene
・Shoe Covers:Non-Woven Cloth
・Gloves: Polyethylene
・Wooden Scraper: Wood
・Triple GELOCK® Box (Package): Paper
・Triple GELOCK® Powder: Solidifier
・IS-X NORO CLOSER Spray: Water, Silver
・Non--Woven Cloth: Non-Woven Cloth
・Non--Woven Cloth: Polypropylene
■Made in Kyoto
■Manufacturer: TAKAHASHI RENSEN Co., Ltd.
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 330
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 360
・Do not use it for other purposes.
・Non-water-resistant fabrics such as silk, rayon, acetate or water-repellent fabrics may stain.  
  Avoid using the spray on those fabrics.
・Do not spray on leather, fur, kimono, white wood, it may change the color of those items.
・Keep out of reach of children.
・Wash off immediately if it gets in your eyes.
・If you accidentally swallow the product, drink a lot of water.
・Do not spray on the food. Spray on the contaminated areas.
<Triple GELOCK® Powder>
・Do not use it for other purposes.
・Not edible.
・If you accidentally swallow the product, consult a doctor.
・This is a single-use product. Do not leave for later use.
・Keep out of reach of children.
・Do not dispose of the jelled matter in the toilet of the sink, it might cause clogging.
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight.

Item No. V06032999028
Jan: 4580492352796

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