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Stationery, Office supply

Omamori Sword Scissors

JP ¥1,620

In Stock V05475XXX028
Nickin Knife Co., Ltd.

Stationery, Office supply

Omamori Sword Scissors

JP ¥1,620

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Inspired by a Japanese sword, this compact-sized, 10.5cm scissors channel
a real sword to the tee with the angle of the blades and the hamon, a wavy pattern
designed on the blade.

The sheath protects the scissors and ensures safe storage,
making it ideal to put it in the pencil case. 

<Colors and Meanings>
Black (Kai-un): Brings good luck
Red: (Ryo-en): Brings good relationships
White (Sho-un): Brings victory
Navy (Shigoto-un): Brings business opportunities

■Color: Choose a color from the drop-down menu. 
1: Black  2: Red  3: White  4: Navy
■Size: approx. 10.5cm (length)
【Blade】Stainless Knife Steel
■Made in Gifu
■Brand: Sekiden-no-bi
■Manufacturer: Nikken Cutlery Co., Ltd. 
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 15
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 24
■Caution: Be careful when using. Do not use it for other purposes. 


Item No. V05475XXX028

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