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Tea (green tea)

"Reiwa" Commemorative Green Tea Shincha

JP ¥648

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Tea (green tea)

"Reiwa" Commemorative Green Tea Shincha

JP ¥648

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Celebrating the coronation of Crown Prince Naruhito on May 1st, 2019,
and the beginning of a new era, "Reiwa", Chikiriya brings fresh shincha to you.

Shincha, made of all fresh new tea is the first harvest of the year and they are cropped
around late April to May, which coincides with the new gengo, Reiwa's beginning.

Shincha's auspicious meaning also makes it a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.

■Content: 80g
■Ingredient: Green Tea
■Made in Japan
■Weight (Including Packaging):90g
■How to serve a good cup of tea (for two)
1. Pour boiling water into a cup and let cool (preferably down to 80℃).
2. Put 3 tsp of green tea in a teapot.
3. Transfer the hot water in the cup to the pot and leave for a minute.
4. Pour the tea into cups until the last drop. 
※After the first round, you don't need to leave the pot for a minute before pouring.
・Use up as soon as possible once opened.
・Be careful of the hot water.
・Do not leave the used tea leaves in the pot for a long time, discard them as soon as possible.
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature/humidity. Store at room temperature.
■Shelf Life (from the manufactured date):300 days

Item No. V05439999028
Jan: 4975117000549

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