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  9. [Ishikawa]Kanazawahaku Sensu Hakubi Tsukiyo


[Ishikawa]Kanazawahaku Sensu Hakubi Tsukiyo

JP ¥13,500

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[Ishikawa]Kanazawahaku Sensu Hakubi Tsukiyo

JP ¥13,500

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"Hakubi Tsukiyo", a Kanazawa-Haku sensu made by skilled artisans.

From designing the surface, putting together spokes to adding the folds,
every step is handmade by the craftsmen with attention to detail.
While keeping the tradition, Hakuichi's original sensu is infused with contemporary design.

Inspired by a full moon shining brightly at night, "Hakubi Tsukiyo" offers a bold and strong look
with the gold leaf making a dynamic contrast against the black surface.

By mixing different shapes and forms of gold leaf such as noge (thinly sliced),
sunago (gold leaf dust), kirimawashi (squarely cut) and sprinkling them
over the surface, diverse expression of gold leaf is achieved and its brilliance is enhanced.
The sprinkled gold leaf gives each sensu a different look.

It'll make a great gift on special occasions.

【About Hakuichi】
Established in 1975, Hakuichi has been the leading company of designing and 
producing gold leaf products in Ishikawa, where the original technique of 
producing gold leaf was developed and has since been flourished.
They offer items with which you can incorporate gold leaf into your daily life.

■Material: Washi (Japanese Paper), Bamboo, Gold Leaf
■Size: approx. L22cm x W2.5cm 
■Made in Ishikawa
■Brand: Hakuichi
■Manufacturer:HAKUICHI., Inc.
■Weight (g) (Product Only):24
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging):34

Item No. V05436999028
Jan: 4517660117406

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