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Body care

Foot Brush - Healthy Foot Washer【Jelly】

JP ¥4,620

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Body care

Foot Brush - Healthy Foot Washer【Jelly】

JP ¥4,620

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Now you can wash your foot while sitting down!

Just by moving the soaped foot back and forth, 
the brush will remove dirt and impurities between fingers.

Suction is attached on the back of the washer, 
so it is safe to use in the shower room.

The soft brush will stimulate the backs of your foot
and stimulate blood vessels and as a result, your body will 
feel warm even after getting out of the shower.

This Healthy Foot Washer Jelly is a better and improved version 
of the Healthy Foot Washer with the softer brush, better foaming ability
and the stronger suction on the back.

■Choose a color from the drop-down menu.
1: Plum (Pink) 2:Aoi (Blue)
■Size: L25 cm x W27.5 cm x H6.5 cm
■Material: Elastomer (Withstand up to 60°C)

■Made in Osaka
■Brand: daimei
■Weight (g) (Product Only):445
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 565
■Caution & Directions:
・At first it might be cold to touch the brush.
・Avoid using the washer standing.
・Consult a doctor if you are having skin issues on your foot.
・Avoid using extremely hot water, the washer may get disfigured.
・Some of the brushes might be short to insert elastomer. It doesn't affect usability.
・The top brush can be removable from the side.
・Do not place your foot too far out. The sides may tear.
・When drying the washer, place in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
・Suction might not work depending on the floor.
・If the washer is slippery, place a wet town under the washer.
■How to use:
1. Make the washer wet in order to make foam easier.
2. Apply body soap on your foot and the washer.
3. Sit in a stable place and move your foot back and forth.
4. Wash off with water/hot water, hang the washer and dry. 

Plum (Pink):4560149940101
Aoi (Blue):4560149940118

Item No. V05343XXX028

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