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Home décor

Ikebana Basin (30 cm)

JP ¥5,184

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Hearth designs

Home décor

Ikebana Basin (30 cm)

JP ¥5,184

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This is an enamel basin that brings the steel plate's unique

expressions and the enamel's brightness to our daily life.


Each step of the process to form this enamel basin,

such as shaping with the metal spinning method,

baking to create a skewed shape of the steel plate,

and enameling of the inner surface is carried out manually by skilled craftsmen.

The skewed, warm and simple shape blends in with various spaces and atmospheres.

Size comes in 18 cm, 24 cm, and 30 cm, so you can choose a perfect sized basin depending on the purposes.

Enjoy arranging plants or "ikebana" with this basin.


Size: 30 cm


■Color: Black


【Product Only】Diameter 30.0 × H 5.0 cm

【Including Packaging】W 31.0 × D 31.5 × H 5.5 cm

■Materials: Enamel steel plate, 0.8 mm thick

■Made in Osaka

■Brand: ovject

■Manufacturer: hearth designs co., Ltd.

■Weight(g)(Product Only): 940

■Weight(g)(Including Packaging): 1,000


・Please use it as a basin, not for any other purposes.

The inside is enamel coated but the outside isn't, which is done purposefully to make it chic in appearance.

・The outside is coated with an oxidized film by baking, which can prevent it from rusting.

The rust on the basin is harmless.

・Do not apply unnecessary pressure on the basin. The enamel surface might crack.

・Do not use metal brushes or metal polisher to avoid scratches on the enamel surface.

Use a soft sponge and use dishwashing liquid for cleaning and dry well afterward.


■Miscellenous: Do not use it as a cookware.


■For Longer Use:

・Use dishwashing liquid, do not use industrial cleaners or polishers.

It might damage the enamel surface.

・Do not use metal brushes or metal polisher to avoid scratches on the enamel surface.

・Use a soft sponge or cloth when wiping.

・Avoid leaving the product in bleach or acidic cleaners for a long period of time.

・If the stuck-on food is persistent, leave the product in a hot water for a while and wash off.

・Wipe off water and dry well after each use. Keep it in a dry place.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V05112999028
Jan: 4571269654342

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