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JP ¥5,400

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Hearth designs

Kitchen articles


JP ¥5,400

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These are enamel rim plates which have a gentle texture like ceramic wares.

The plates, which are made with 0.8mm steel plates, are coated with matte enamel,

and they can be used over a direct fire and in the oven.

The plates with the high rim fit your hand naturally when serving dishes to the table.

It is not only fashionable, but also functional.

They come in different sizes which is great for home use or even for outdoors like camping.

This perfect sized plate (30cm) will be a great use for serving main dish or even as a tray.  


Color :Choose color from the size drop-down menu.

1: Matte Black 2: Matte White 3: Matte Gray 4: Matte Light Blue


Product OnlyDiameter φ30.0 (Inner Diameter φ24.9) x H2.0

Including PackagingW30.0 x D31.0 x H2.5

Material: Cast iron (enamel coating)0.8 thick


Made in Osaka

Brand: ovject

Manufacturerer: hearth-designs., co, Ltd.

Weight (g) (Product only): 260

Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 300


The product is made of metal, do not put it in a microwave.

Do not heat the product empty. In the event of empty-heating, do not add water.

Just leave it as is until the heat dies down.

Adding water or bringing down the product's temperature immediately might

cause invisible hairline cracks called microcracks on the enamel surface.

The microcracks won't affect the quality of the product or raise any safety issues, however,

those cracks might lead to rusting.

Even though the rust on the cast iron is harmless, dry well after each use to avoid rusting.

Do not use this product as a frying pan.

Putting extremely hot dishes on this plate or putting it on direct heat might cause minor burns.

Do not apply unnecessary pressure on the plate. The enamel surface might crack.

Do not use metal brushes or metal polisher to avoid scratches on the enamel surface.

Use soft sponge and use dishwashing liquid for cleaning.

Avoid putting it in a dishwasher or dish dryer, it might scratch the surface and become rusty.


●If you use electric or glass top stove, follow the direction of the stove.

To heat the product efficiently, wipe off any moisture on the bottom before use.

Place the product right in the center of the stove.

Use low heat when using and avoid empty-heating.

Please be careful not to overheat especially when you use electric or ceramic top stove since

they have more heating power than regular stoves. Overheating might cause the product to deteriorate.

The surface of the electric stove might get dirty or the wax might come off after heating this product.

Use stove top cleaner to avoid aforementioned issues.


Miscellenous: Usable on the regular stoves, electric/ceramic top stoves or in the ovens.


For Longer Use:

Do not cause the rapid change in temperature such as adding cold water to the heated surface.

It might damage the enamel surface.

Use dishwashing liquid, do not use industrial cleaners or polishers.

Do not use dish dryer after washing. It might break the product.

Do not use metal brushes or metal polisher to avoid scratches on the enamel surface.

Avoid leaving the product in bleach or acidic cleaners for a long period of time.

If the stuck-on food is persistent, leave the product in a hot water for a while and wash off.

Wipe off water and dry well after each use. Keep it in a dry place.



Matte Black4571269653383

Matte White4571269653390

Matte Gray4571269653406

Matte Light Blue4571269653413 


Item No. V05105XXX028
Jan: 4571269653406

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