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【POLS】Mimicry Tie 9 - Gray

JP ¥16,200

In Stock V05091999028


【POLS】Mimicry Tie 9 - Gray

JP ¥16,200

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Mimicry Tie” is like a ribbon or a tie.

All kinds of POLS’ techniques are spread out on the surface of the skinny tie.

As the word “mimicry” means the action, practice, or art of mimicking in English,

this tie may wrap around you, hang from your neck, or tie around you.

It mimics well like butterflies, chameleons, or people who naturally blend in with their lifestyles.

Not only you can hang it straight in a standard way, but also enjoy finding your own style!



Both ends of this tie are widely made. You can enjoy two different designs even with the standard way of use.


Color: Gray

Size: approx. H140c x W6c

Materials: 73% Cotton, 25% Cupra, 2% Polyester


Made in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo

Brand's Name: POLS

Weight(g) (item only): 50

Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 200


A tie interlining is used. Dry clean only.

The pattern shown in the image differs from the actual product depending on the pattern cutting. 

Please note that slight variations and imperfections in color and appearance may occur

depending on the photographing place.

Miscellaneous: ※Limited stock available.  

Item No. V05091999028

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