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Matcha Tea Making Starter Kit

JP ¥21,600

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Mr. Gen Xun


Matcha Tea Making Starter Kit

JP ¥21,600

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This set comes with the specialty Matcha tea "So-kyu" of Magoemon,
which was established in 1790 and has won many of the Tea Council prizes,
a high-quality whisk (Chasen) 
produced in Takayama of Nara, and a bowl produced in Kyoto.

"So-kyu" is a specialty Matcha that uses selected organic fertilizer and
meet the strict national standards of Japanese Matcha.

The Matcha suppresses bitterness, yet it is rich and elegant in taste and
the vivid green look is a testament to the freshness of the baby new leaves delicately hand-picked from the roots.

This set includes the instruction of making a Matcha, which is also available in English,
so anyone can enjoy making an authentic Matcha easily at home.
The design of the package has won many international design awards,
such as "THE ONE SHOW", "London International Awards" to name a few.

Set Contains: Matcha (Sokyu 20g) x 1, Whisk x 1, Bowl x 1
Packaging Size: 35 x 32 x 11
Materials: Matcha, Whisk: Bamboo, BowlCeramic
Contains: Matcha20 g
Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 680 g
Origin: MatchaKyoto,WhiskNara,BowlKyoto
How to Serve:
Put 2 grams (1 tablespoon) of matcha powder and pour hot water in a bowl. Whisk it up and enjoy!
See the instruction for an easy way to make great matcha tea.
This is for 10 servings.
Avoid high temperature, humidity, and strong scent.
Freshness is a key to making a great tea.
Best consumed immediately after opening.
How to Store:
Before opening the package, store in a cool place at room temperature
After opening the package, keep it in a sealed container and keep refrigerated avoiding strong scent.
Shelf Life (from manufactured date): 180 days
Brand's Name: Magouemon & Co.Ltd


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Item No. V05070999028
Jan: 4573435807057

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