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Matcha Making Starter Kit

JP ¥10,800

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Furuhata garden


Matcha Making Starter Kit

JP ¥10,800

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Serving Matcha for guests has been a traditional and unique way of showing hospitality in Japan.

This is a quick and easy Matcha making starter kit with the tools

carefully selected by the long-established tea farmer, "Kobata-en" in Kyoto.


The set includes a bowl for Matcha, a bamboo scoop (Chasaku), a whisk (Chasen) and plenty of authentic Matcha,

approved and recommended by the Japanese tea master who is also an accredited tea appraiser.

Enjoy an elegant tea time with your guests, family or friends.



■Ingredients: Green tea


【Bowl】 Ceramic

【Scoop(Chasaku), Whisk(Chasen)】 Bamboo

■Contents: 【Matcha】40 g

■Weight(Including packaging): approx. 970g


■Place of Origin:

【Matcha】: Kyoto

【Bowl】: Aichi

【Scoop(Chashaku)】: Nara

【Whisk(Chasen)】: Korea


■Serving Instruction:

Pour hot water into the matcha bowl to warm it up and

soak the whisk (Chasen) to make it softer, more flexible and easier to use.


Then, discard hot water and dry the rim of the bowl with a clean cloth.

If you have a sieve, sift matcha powder before making matcha.

Use 2 grams of matcha powder per serving.


Prepare approx. 70 cc of water at 85°C.

(When you use tap water, boil it for more than 5 minutes to allow chlorine to evaporate.

Also, if you use bottled water, soft water is recommended. )


Put matcha powder into the bowl using the scoop (Chashaku).

Pour a small amount of hot water (85°C) and mix them using the whisk.

If a sieve is not available to you, make sure to crush tiny lumps with the tip of the whisk.


Pour the rest of the hot water into the bowl and whisk in a zig-zag motion like writing a letter "m" using your wrist.

When the tea starts to have small bubbles, move the whisk to the surface of the tea and

continue until the tea has lots of froth on the surface.


Do not scrape the bottom of the bowl when whisking. 

Once you get a layer of froth, run the whisk in the circle around the perimeter of the bowl and 

slowly pick up the whisk right in the center.




Best consumed immediately after opening the package. Fresh tea gives you better flavor!


Matcha bowl's color/pattern may vary.


■How to store:

・Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature/humidity, strong scents. (Recommended room temp is at 5℃ to 10℃).

・Once opened, release air and seal tight. Best consumed immediately. 


■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V05016999028

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