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Stoles, Mufflers

[POLS] Layered Stole W4-Pink

JP ¥25,704

In Stock V04985999028

Stoles, Mufflers

[POLS] Layered Stole W4-Pink

JP ¥25,704

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POLS' signature colors and patterns are used on two different stoles and

they are woven as one in the middle using the fringe like geometric pattern.


"Taju-Ori (Double Cloth Technique)" is used on these stoles, which represents

a playful mind of the skilled textile manufacturer.


You can wear it 8 different ways by flipping inside out, rolling or tying.

Enjoy different ways to wear this chic stole depending on your mood and style.



■Size:approx. 45 cm (W) x approx.195 cm (L)

■Material:100% Cotton


■Made in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture


■Weight (g)(Product Only):135

■Weight (g)(Including Packaging):290


・Be careful not to scratch the surface with accessories, nails or sharp objects.

・Hand wash by soaking the stole in the water and gently push it up and down.

・The more you use it, the rougher the surface will become due to the fabric's nature.

・ Do not pull the tied part of the stole excessively.


・Limited stock.

Item No. V04985999028

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