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  9. Cutlery Rest Set (2 pieces)/Gold-Plate


Cutlery Rest Set (2 pieces)/Gold-Plate

JP ¥33,000

In Stock V04952XXX028
Takebayashi Plant


Cutlery Rest Set (2 pieces)/Gold-Plate

JP ¥33,000

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The design of Mt. Fuji, one of the world heritage sites is made into the design of this cutlery set.

The experienced metal craftsmen polished its surface delicately by their hands

and various beautiful flowers of each season in Japan are carved on them.

Enjoy its elegant curve, which expresses the form of Mt. Fuji from its base to peak,

and the contrasts of the sculptured line.

It is wide enough to put two cutlery on,

so you can put "chopsticks and spoon" or "knife and fork" on each side.

It can be used for both Japanese-style dishes and Western-style dishes.

Also, it is suitable for a gift for any celebrations.


Color : Gold (Gold-Plate/Stainless Steel)


Design : Please use the "SIZE" pull-down box to choose a design.


<Peony>Meaning : Shyness, Bashfulness, Modesty

Peony has been often used as a wedding bouquet.

Also, there is a Japanese proverb that says, "Tateba Shakuyaku"

which expresses the beauty of Japanese women.

<Azalea>Meaning : Pleasure of Love

Azalea is called "Tsubaki" in Japanese. The name derives from "Tsuzuki Sakigi"

which describes the way Azalea blooms one after another. Azalea also has a meaning of "Good Luck".


2.Chrysanthemum/Cherry Blossom

<Chrysanthemum>Meaning : Nobility, Virtuous, Majestic

From the ancient days, it has been used as the family crest of Japanese Emperor.

It is said that decorating rooms with Chrysanthemum in each season may bring good luck to you.

Japanese people have been doing so in hopes that the children will grow up in good health.

<Cherry Blossom>Meaning : Superior Beauty, Purity, Spiritual Beauty

Once upon a time, it is said that the goddess of Japanese mythology, "Konohana-sakuya Hime"

sprinkled down cherry blossom seeds from the top of Mt. Fuji, which lead cherry blossoms to

grow all over Japan. since then, cherry blossoms have been cherished and treated as "sacred".


*Design: Choose "1.Peony/Azalea" or "2.Chrysanthemum/Cherry Blossom".


Set includes Cutlery Rest Set (2 pieces): Peony/Azalea or Chrysanthemum/Cherry Blossom

Size: Width 80mm × Height 10mm × Depth 15mm/per 1 rest

Materials: Stainless Steel(Gold-Plate)

Made in Osaka


Manufacturer: TMC, Inc.

Size Detail: size above per rest

Weight(g)(only product):130 (2 pieces)

Weight(g)(including packaging):180


Wash before the first use.

Use dish wash to clean, use soft cloth to dry.

Do not use powdered cleanser, bleach or steel wool.

Moisture, salt, acid or storing in a humid place can cause rusting and discoloration.

If the surface gets rusty, use metal polisher and soft dry cloth to polish.

Be careful not to scratch the surface and ruin the pattern.

There might be a slight scratch or discoloration unintentionally occurred

during the manufacturing process.

The actual color of the product might vary.

Miscellaneous :

Once this set is out of stock, it will take about a month to be restocked.

Item No. V04952XXX028

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