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Body care

hara Hand Beauty Essence  (Unscented)

JP ¥5,500

In Stock V04943999028
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Body care

hara Hand Beauty Essence  (Unscented)

JP ¥5,500

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This is a hand essence which emphasizes on its gentleness to your skin

and keeps your hands look beautiful.

This moisturizing, and yet non-greasy essence is made with only

Lingoberry extract, Squalane, and Jajoba oil, and Vitamin C,

based on Camellia oil, extracting from Japanese Camellia.

Adding a drop before bed time is also recommended to penetrate your skin.

It is an unscented type. Enjoy high-quality easy hand care at home!


Ingredients: Camellia Seed Oil, Squalane, Jajoba Seed Oil,

Ascorbyl TetraisopalmitateArctostaphylos Uva-Ursi Leaf Extract

Contents: 20ml x 1Bottle

Total weight(g): 82

License for manufacturing and distribution of cosmetics:

hara Hand Beauty Essence  (Unscented)

Name of category:  Oil Essence

Category: Cosmetics

Made in Japan


Before use, check your skin condition to prevent from causing allergic reaction.

Stop use if this product does not work for your skin, and if you have the following symptoms.

If you keep using it and the symptom gets worse, ask a dermatologist to get an advice.   

(1) If excessive redness, swelling, itching, dryness, irritation,

discoloring (white blotches), darkening, and other abnormal symptoms occurs.

(2) If the above symptoms occur due to the direct sunlight.

Item No. V04943999028

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