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  7. Mini sized Kakinotane Chocolate 10 packs


Mini sized Kakinotane Chocolate 10 packs

JP ¥1,512

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Kokubu West Japan


Mini sized Kakinotane Chocolate 10 packs

JP ¥1,512

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NOTE: This product is for international buyers. 

            Not for sale in Japan (the price includes international shipping fee)


Spicy "Kakinotane" is coated with mild chocolate. 

Once you try, you will be addicted to the unique combination of its spiciness and sweetness. 

You can enjoy this new snack not only with the usual beer and other alcoholic beverages 

but with ochazuke (a bowl of rice soaked in hot green tea). 

Also, it is a small sized package so you can bring it with you as pocket snacks.


■ Ingredients: sugar, starch, vegetable fat and oil, rice, whole powdered milk, cacao mass, powdered skim milk, lactose, soy sauce, cocoa powder, dextrin, bonito extract, spices, processing starch, emulsifier, baking powder (arabian gum), glazing agent, seasoning (amino acid), coloring agent (caramel, carotenoid, monascus purpureus), fragrance, spices extract  (wheat flour, soybeans are partially contained for the ingredients)

■ Weight: 480g (48g x 10 packs)

■ Weight (incl packaging)(g): 510 g

■ Country of Origin: Japan

■ Precautions:

・Consume soon after the package is unsealed. You can open from the upper right.

・Be careful with the corner and cut-end while opening the package.

・Once the chocolate gets soft, its fat and oil may become white when it starts to harden again,

   which is called "Fat Bloom". Even though Fat Bloom has no effect on the quality, you can avoid it by

   keeping the chocolate out of direct sunlight and storing it in a cool place.

・Manufactured in a facility which processes eggs, shrimps and crabs.

■ How to store: Avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, and high temperature.

■ Manufacturer: Denroku Co., Ltd.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V04481999028
Jan: 4901930057743

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