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Iyemon Fukujuen

Iyemon Genmaicha Matcha Blend with Zipper

JP ¥604

4901046621081 In Stock V04017999028

Iyemon Fukujuen

Iyemon Genmaicha Matcha Blend with Zipper

JP ¥604

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The rich aroma of roasted rice and fresh green matcha brings you to the height of relaxation. Enjoy in a big casual mug. The perfect accompaniment to meals or Japanese rice snacks like senbei or arare. 

How to enjoy: Pour 1 liter of cold water over 15 g (3 tablespoons) of tea leaves, wait 40 minutes, then stir tea leaves thoroughly and remove them. Or, pour 130 ml of boiling water over 4 g of tea leaves, then steep for 30 seconds.  Pour out to the very last drop.

Notes: Freshness is essential to tea. This product is nitrogen fill-packed to maintain fresh flavor, but please consume promptly. Used tea leaves decay and degenerate over time, so always use new tea leaves.

Ingredients: green tea, roasted rice
Content: 200g
Made in: Japan
Storage: room temperature
Manufacturer: Ujinotsuyu-Seicha


Iyemon Fukujuen

Item No. V04017999028
Jan: 4901046621081

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