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Mt. Fuji motif tumbler (Short) Red

JP ¥1,080

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Sweets craft


Mt. Fuji motif tumbler (Short) Red

JP ¥1,080

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Japan’s iconic mountain, Mt. Fuji, expressed in our motto “colorful + cute”. Keep the cup laid down to use it as a decoration in your room. Or, pour your favorite alcohol or juice to drink from it. The Mt.Fuji mark on the bottom of the cup is also a cute detail. Combining several sizes of cups will make a great gift. The red stripe design is very classy.

■ Size details: 66 mm diameter, 67 mm height

■ Weight: 80g

■ Weight (including packaging): 95g

■ Materials: white porcelain

■ Made in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture

■ Brand: Sweets Craft

■ Precautions: *Useable in microwaves and ovens (up to 200°C) *Do not use over an open flame *Extreme cooling or heating may cause breakage *Do not wash in dishwasher: water pressure may move the cup, causing breakage *Do not use the product if it cracks; this may cause injuries 

■ Other: *If we are out of stock, the production will start after your order is placed. It may take time for the product to arrive. Please contact us for details and date requests. *There may be variety in size, volume, shape, and color from product to product 

Item No. V03838999028

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