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【Nakagawa-Masashichi】Stationmaster Carp Boy Towel

JP ¥611
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In Stock V03868999028
JR West Japan


【Nakagawa-Masashichi】Stationmaster Carp Boy Towel

JP ¥611

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This "Stationmaster Carp Boy Towel" is a collaboration between JR-West and the Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team. This towel was originally sold only at Hiroshima Station, but a limited number are now available at EVERYTHINGFROM.JP! 

Plain-woven mosquito net cotton has excellent feel and moisture absorption.

Size details: approx. 30cm x 40cm
Weight (g) (product only): 25g
Weight (g) (including packaging): 30g
Material: 100% cotton
Origin: Nara Prefecture
Brand name: JR-West
*Thoroughly wash in hot or cold water to remove starch before use. Towel softens over time.
*Shrinking occurs when laundered or dried.
*Chlorine bleach may be used on this item.
*Applying excessive force to towel may cause fraying.
*Pattern placement differs with each item. Pattern warps due to fabric characteristics.

Item No. V03868999028

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【Nakagawa-Masashichi】Stationmaster Carp Boy Towel 5

Post date 27/05/2019 Monday

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