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A high-quality crochet hook set

JP ¥15,984

4974723411206 In Stock V02371999028
Tulip Corporation


A high-quality crochet hook set

JP ¥15,984

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A high-quality crochet hook set with elegant light pink cushion grips. Highly functional grips are designed to be easy to hold to reduce hand fatigue. The ostrich-pattern custom case has a sparkling crystal tassel and looks just like a wallet. This stylish crochet hook set makes you feel a true lady.

■ Size details (mm): 215 mm * 205 mm * 23 mm
■ Weight (item only) [g]: 205.5
■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 252
■ Materials / Ingredients: cushion grip crochet: aluminum, steel / elastomer scissors: carbon steel / nickel plating binding needle: steel wire / nickel plating case: PVC, polyester
■ production area: Hiroshima
■ Brand name: Tulip Etimo
■ Handling precautions:
· Since it is a needle product, please use it with proper usage / usage
- Please do not use it except for craft applications.

Item No. V02371999028
Jan: 4974723411206

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