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Orange Hair Conditioner 1000g - Tabibijin

JP ¥7,260

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Orange Hair Conditioner 1000g - Tabibijin

JP ¥7,260

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A hair conditioner that contains amino acid type ingredients that will protect the skin. It will relax you with its refreshing smell and keep your hair healthy and put-together. Recommended for those who want more volume and strength in their hair. 

■ Size details (mm): 210 x 110 x 90 

■ Weight [g]: 1132

■ Ingredients: Water, myristyl alcohol, Dimethicone, hydrogenated polyisobutene, dimethylstearamine, cetrimonium bromide, behenyl alcohol, myristic acid, jojoba seed oil, camellia oil, cocoyl arginine ethyl PCA, orange fruit extract, orange oil, tympekis, Mint oil, lemon extract, horsetail extract, hop extract, red pine spruce extract, rosemary extract, brown algae extract, paprika pigment, BG, hexyl decanol, diisobutyl adipate, shea butter, lactic acid, orange 205, paraffin, Phenoxyethanol, methoxy quinch Acid Ethylhexyl, ethanol 

■ Origin: Japan 

■ Brand Name: Tabi-bijin 

■ Precautions: 

<How to use> After shampooing, take an appropriate amount and soak in the skin. Leave for a while and rinse

<Usage Precautions> 

● If it enters the eyes, rinse immediately with clean water  ● If any abnormalities such as irritation appear during or after use, stop use immediately and seek for specialist’s advice. 

■ Other: ●An eco-friendly and skin-friendly shampoo that contains amino acids ●Includes moisturizing ingredients including orange extract, chinpiakis, lemon extract, horsetail extract, hop extract, pine extract, rosemary extract, and seaweed extract  ※ synthetic coloring is not used. ●Effects may vary from person to person

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Item No. V03563999028
Jan: 4560118330063

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