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Otsu-Hyakufukumame Bean Snacks (Tsuchiyama Tea & Kinako flavor)

JP ¥516

In Stock V03502999028


Otsu-Hyakufukumame Bean Snacks (Tsuchiyama Tea & Kinako flavor)

JP ¥516

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These bean snacks are made by slowly roasting Tamba black soy beans from Shiga prefecture. They are covered with Tsuchiyama green tea and kinako soy flower.
■ Contents: 70g 
■ Place of origin: Shiga prefecture, Japan
■ Serving Instructions: Once opened, please consume as soon as possible 
■ Caution: Eat as it is. Once opened, keep in a can or any other sealed container. 
■ Storing Instructions: Store in a cool dry place at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight. 
■ Manufacturer name: Ekoro Haru chan

Item No. V03502999028

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