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The Kondo Co., Ltd. factory has carried on the history of traditional Asahikawa "Hakebiki Honzome" dyeing technique for over a hundred years. Hakebiki Honzome is a technique in which an artisan dyes the fabric by hand using individual brushstrokes. Its delicate and vibrant dyed colors thrill everyone who sees them. Unlike print dying, the fabric is dyed throughout, so the reverse side also features the same beautiful coloring. The Kondo factory's main dyed product is "big catch flags". These auspicious flags are dyed to pray for safe passage, protection from ill fortune, and a great catch, and are mainly used as a celebratory flag for launching ceremonies. Recently, they have become popular for weddings and other non-nautical uses. Each vibrant big catch flag is meticulously crafted by artisans. Why not display at a celebration, use as a tablecloth or tapestry, or include in your interior design as a subtle humorous element?

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