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  7. March. Celebrate the Peach Festival with Spring Colors


March 3 is the Peach Festival, or Hina Doll Festival. This festival celebrates the healthy growth of girls. Peach blossoms are believed to ward off bad luck, and dolls are displayed because they are believed to take the place of a daughter in any misfortune. Presenting a spring-colored table setting to celebrate the Hina Doll Festival or enjoy the arrival of spring.

Celebrate the Hina Doll Festival with Spring Colors

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Matryoshka Dolls JPY 16,200 Cherry Blossom Petal-Shaped Plates
(The set of 5 petals) JPY 10,800
Horaiya Amazake Plastic bottle
8 bottles/set JPY 6,436
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Suhama Dango
10 skewers JPY 648
Otsu-Hyakufuku Beans
(6 kinds mix) JPY 516
K&K Japanese Fruit Tohoku
White Peaches (Akatsuki) JPY 529
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Mini-size Aji no Kodawari
10 packs JPY 1,404
Mini-size Porippy Salt Flavor
10 packs JPY 1,512
Sakura Agar Jelly JPY 8,640

March Tumbler

Overflowing vitality from vibrantly growing leaves and branches
Double-Wall Tumbler Rei Hana - Wakatake JPY 10,800

Several Japanese color names originate from bamboo. Aotakeiro ("blue-green bamboo") was inspired by the color of grown bamboo, and first appeared in the mid-Edo period. Wakatakeiro ("young bamboo") derived from this color. Young bamboo refers to a fresh green with faint yellow, like a young bamboo. This tumbler is the perfect color for the spring season, when all the plants sprout new buds.


It's exciting to get seasonal colored tumbler every month.

We are presenting six colored tumblers for the perfect seasonal mood every month. With each tumbler, look forward to learning Japanese color names that evoke the seasons.


Pure titanium double tumbler Rei Hana titanium special features

1. Pure titanium with no off-flavor.


You can enjoy the real taste with no off-flavor because it is made with pure titanium. It uses original chemical treatment that is also adopted for medical use, so it can be drunk safely.

2. Double structure that can be drunk either hot or cold


Because it is double structured, cold drinks are kept cold . Even when you pour hot drinks, the surface of the tumbler won't get hot!

3. The rim fits perfectly to your mouth


Although it is is double structured, the rim is surprisingly thin made by high welding technique using titanium.

4. Creamy and smooth froth


When you pour beer, the bumps on the inside of the cup creates creamy and smooth froth. This froth keeps the deliciousness of beer inside the cup.

5. Beautiful color created with the same way as rainbows


Beautiful colors created with the same way as rainbows. It can be safely used because it uses natural colors instead of painting.


It is inside an elegant a box of paulownia wood. It can be used as a gift for anniversaries as well.

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