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Canned,Retort food

Corn Flake

JP ¥690

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Hokkaido Dynynk Kitchen Co., Ltd.

Canned,Retort food

Corn Flake

JP ¥690

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NOTE: This product is for international buyers. 

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This product is made with 100% real corn made in Monbetsu of Hokkaido. 

High-brix corns are boiled and mashed, then made into flakes by using the special production method. Compared to powder-type corn, it is richer in flavor and more filling. No chemical seasoning and preservatives are contained. Enjoy its natural taste. It can be used for stew or an ingredient for various dishes. No preps for cooking are needed and it is recommended as a baby food or for those who need soft-textured food.

■Ingredient: Corn

■Contents: 80g

■Weight(g)(including packaging):85g

■Country of origin: Japan / Hokkaido

■Serving instruction: Put 5~6 tablespoons of flakes in 200cc of milk and heat it up on low. Add a little salt after it becomes mushy.

■Caution: Be careful not to burn.

■Storage instruction: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. Store in dark cool place.

Item No. V04920999028
Jan: 4589934102548

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