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Floating Chopsticks (Phoenix) 2 sets Crimson/Black

JP ¥15,400

In Stock V01055999028
Yoshioka Logotec


Floating Chopsticks (Phoenix) 2 sets Crimson/Black

JP ¥15,400

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Chopsticks that always face upwards. They are also coated with Fukui's 1500-year old 'Echizen lacquer'. Phoenix is a symbol of immortality, revitalisation and regeneration.

Material: PBT Resin (lacquer coated)/ comes in a wooden box

Size: 270 x 70 x 22mm

Weight: 100g

Made in Sabae, Fukui

Manufacturer: PICKLIP

Notice: Can be washed in dishwasher. Can be sterilised with hot water. Not compatible with microwave. Avoid washing with polishing sponge. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent discolouration. If the product is broken or cracked, replace as soon as possible. Chopsticks are sharp objects. Do not use this product for anything other than its intended purpose.

Other: Should there be no stock, manufacture will take place upon order. Call customer support for more information.

Item No. V01055999028

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