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"Komachi" Married Couple Chopsticks Set Cherry Blossom Beauty

JP ¥9,900

In Stock V04195999028


"Komachi" Married Couple Chopsticks Set Cherry Blossom Beauty

JP ¥9,900

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Chopsticks with beautiful kai-zogan pattern for married couple. Kai-zogan is a simple decorative technique that seashells are made in shapes and place them on a wooden surface. They are craft arts of Iwate, Tohoku area. A beautiful lumber of purplish color tone "purple heart" and ebony are used. The motif of Japanese symbol cherry blossom  has delicate and refined shininess, and they can be a great gift for any celebrations. Enjoy the warmth of the tree and beautiful pattern like pearls.



Materials: ebony, purple heart, abalone shell

Place of production: Iwate prefecture

Name of brand: Yumekoubou

Weight (g)(item only): 35

Weight (g)(incl. packaging): 96

Precautions: Do not soak in water and hot water for a long time. It may cause peel-off of the paint and zo-gan, deformation, breaking, and cracking.

Use neutral dish soap for kitchen with a soft side of sponge or cloth, and then dry with a towel. Do not use the rough side of the sponge and brush. It may scratch the surface and peel off the paint and zo-gan.

Avoid direct sunlight, deformation and discoloration may be caused.

Avoid to leave by the fire and boiling water for the character of the paint.

They are not correspondence on dishwasher, dryer, microwave, etc.

Be careful with the thin tips of the chopsticks when small children are using.

Replace them soon after they are broken and cracked.

Do not use them for other purposes except dining.

Item No. V04195999028

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