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Dental care

Drops - Extra Mint flavor Dental floss

JP ¥880

4983435762001 In Stock V04350999028
OKAMURA (Okamura)

Dental care

Drops - Extra Mint flavor Dental floss

JP ¥880

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It is a cute teardrop-shaped dental floss with fruit juice flavor. The special Dental floss has plaque-removing ability in the periodontal pocket which does not reach by toothbrush.

It is more effective than other oral health care products such as interdental brushes and dental floss to prevention of periodontal disease and bad breath.

The Dental floss promotes a beautiful breath by mint flavor as a mouth perfume.

Recommend flossing as an important part of your daily dental health maintenance. Social etiquette for flossing it's anywhere anytime!

Type: Extra Mint



Floss: Polyester

Case: PP

Cutter: Stainless

■Made in Japan

■Brand: Drops


■Color: Green

■Size: Wide 92mm Height 140mm Depth 19mm

■Weight (product): 18g

■Weight (product and packing material): 23g


■Cautionary of handling:

-Please do not insert floss in an interproximal part forcibly. It might hurt of the gums.

-If floss is caught on an interdental space or fray occurs, it might cause by the filling of the tooth aches and might the cavity. Please see to a dentist or a dental hygienist sooner.

-Please keep it out of reach of infants.

-Please do not put near fire or handling violently.



Length of the thread: 50m

Item No. V04350999028
Jan: 4983435762001

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