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Hasami-yaki "Cocomarine" medium bowl (coral)

JP ¥1,036

In Stock V02677999028
Okayama Suzukaya


Hasami-yaki "Cocomarine" medium bowl (coral)

JP ¥1,036

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 “cocomarine” is a popular series that was inspired by actual underwater scenes witnessed by the designer. The four designs are “school of fish”, “coral”, “under the sea” and “large sea creatures”. Purchase a full set of tableware with your favorite design! 

This medium sized bowl can be used for serving salads, natto, small side-dishes, snacks, and even baby food. It can also be used as a fashionable accessory holder. Makes a great gift!


■ Size details(cm): Diameter 11.5 x Height 4.5 

■ Weight: 150g (varies from product to product)

■ Weight (including packaging): 240g

■ Materials: porcelain

■ Made in Hasami city, Nagasaki

■ Brand: natural69

■ Precautions: *The details of the pictures may vary from product to product. *The glaze may cause the image to be whitish and hazy. *There may be small black dots, paint marks or pinholes on the surface. *The glaze on the edge may be slightly thinner than the rest of the surface. 

Usable in dishwasher (yes), microwave (yes), oven (no). *Rapid temperature change can cause breakage. 

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V02677999028

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