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Stoles, Mufflers

ORIIRO Cotton Scarf (Various Colors)

JP ¥3,036

In Stock V05344XXX028

Stoles, Mufflers

ORIIRO Cotton Scarf (Various Colors)

JP ¥3,036

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ORIIRO Cotton Scarf (Various Colors)

These scarves are made using 100% cotton, the traditional "Izumi Momen".

Often incorporated into Tenugui and Yukata, Izumi Momen is made from 
the cotton flower from Izumi, which is high quality and suitable for making thin and long yarns.

Also, Izumi's traditional sakizome technique is used, 
which weaves the dyed yarn into the gauze fabric to make crepe textile.

Crepe textile has high absorbency and air permeability, along with the ability to
deflect the sunlight/UV light.

Natural 100% cotton is gentle to use for people with sensitive skins.
Machine washable, easy to keep clean.

■Choose a color from the drop-down menu.
1:Black  2:Red  3:Orange  4:Green  5:Purple
■Size: Approx. W25 - 30 cm x L200 cm
■Material: 100% Cotton (Made in Japan)

■Made in Osaka
■Brand: ORIIRO
■Weight(g)(Product Only):77
■Weight(g)(Including Packaging): 80
<Machine Wash Directions>
・Washing: Keep the water under 30°C, light wash recommended.
・Bleaching: Do not use bleach.
・Drying: Do not tumble dry. Hang dry, avoid direct sunlight.
・Ironng: Set the ironing machine under 150°C.
◇Izumi Momen/Hirayama Seni Co., Ltd◇
Hirayama Seni was established 100 years ago (1919). 
Passed down from his grandfather, the current owner Mr. Yasuo Hirayama 
has devoted his life to the company to bring back Izumi Momen to the current market,
which once suffered weak sales due to the widespread of more affordable imported textiles. 
Working with local cotton distributors, the Izumi Momen keeps challenging themselves to
higher quality while maintaining the tradition. 


Item No. V05344XXX028

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