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Outerwear, Tops

Simple yet gorgeous Japanese Modern! "Ran Giku" U-Neck Shirt

JP ¥10,800

In Stock V04850XXX028
Kameda Tomomi Factory

Outerwear, Tops

Simple yet gorgeous Japanese Modern! "Ran Giku" U-Neck Shirt

JP ¥10,800

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The bold Japanese pattern is the feature of this U-neck shirt. 
It slightly hugs the body shape making a beautiful silhouette
and its 100% cotton fabric makes this item a comfortable number.
You can just put it on or wear it as an inner wear.
"Ran Giku" was often used as a pattern on an edgy-type Kimono. 

This simple yet gorgeous bold pattern expresses the Japanese-Modern
and it was created imagining the beauty of today's strong women.

■Fabric: 100% Cotton
■Made in Japan
■Brand's Name: Pagong
■Manufacturer: Pagong Kamedatomi Co., Ltd.
■SIZE:S, M, L, LL,F(3L)
■WEIGHT(g): 130
■NET WEIGHT(including packaging)(g): 130
・Hand washable with the temp below 30°C

・Do not use chlorine bleach
・Washing might cause shrinking
・After washing, drain water and stretch the shirt, hang it avoiding the direct sunlight
・Leaving the sweat on the shirt or leaving it in the water for a long 
   period of time might cause discoloration
・Avoid using tumble dryer
・When ironing, place a cloth on the surface

・This is Pagong's signature shirt with a beautiful silhouette which emphasizes the body shape
・Whether you wear it as is or as an inner wear, you will enjoy the beautiful Japanese pattern
・Patterns may differ from the pictures
・The actual colors may vary





LL F(3L)


40.5×58 43.5×60 46.5×62 49.5×64 52.5×66
Body Width(cm) 40.5 43.5 46.5 49.5 52.5
Body Length(cm) 58 60 62 64 66
Shoulder Width(cm) 33 35 36.5 38 39.5
Sleeve Length(cm) 16.5 17 18 19 20

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V04850XXX028

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