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Sen no Tsubaki 1300g

JP ¥2,289

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Eco-one Corporation


Sen no Tsubaki 1300g

JP ¥2,289

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This is an eco-friendly detergent which you can save water, electricity, and time by having less foam and excellent detergency.

The amount of surfactants which is the main ingredients of regular detergent is kept minimized, and special enzyme of natural power  (beneficial bio) washes up  your clothes very well. Also, it prevents from recoloring while washing, caused by yellowing and darkening. Fluorescent brightener, fragrance, and phosphorus are not contained which protect your clothes and environment friendly.

Volume 1.3kg.  Measured spoon is enclosed.


Materials: Alkali Mixture (Carbonate), Water Softener(Sodium Citrate), Dispersant, Anti-Redeposition Agent (Carboxymethyl Cellulose), Enzyme, Plant Fatty Acids (Originated from Camellia Oil)

Place of production: Japan

Name of brand: eco_one

Volume: approx. 1300 g

■Weight (g) (incl. packing): approx. 1380 g

Handling cautions:

Seal tight after use and keep out of reach of small children.

Use gloves if you have sensitive skin, and when you use a brush.

Do not use for any other purposes

If it gets into your eyes, do not rub them and rinse well with water.

If you swallow the liquid, rinse your mouth and immediately drink water to dilute the liquid.

If bad condition remains, go to see a doctor, taking this product with you.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V04212999028
Jan: 4580241600017

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