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Vaporizing Humidifier Deer in Orange

JP ¥3,240

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Sato Corporation


Vaporizing Humidifier Deer in Orange

JP ¥3,240

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Start a new, moisturized life with these Kawaiiii animals. 

This eco-humidifier is a joy to live with. This is one of the most powerful eco-humidifiers available, with approximately 30 times the natural humidifying capacity of 1 cup of water. Easy to use: just set filter and plate in container and pour in water. With just these easy steps, the fan-shaped filter sucks up water! Water naturally vaporizes to gently humidify dry hair. Why not start an environmentally-friendly, moisturized life with these Kawaiiii animals?

Set contents: container, plate, filter, instructions
Materials: container: PP, plate: PE
Filter: polyester (antibacterial, anti-mold)
Size: diameter approx. 21 cm, height 21 cm
Capacity: approx. 500 cc (about 70% of container)
Maintenance: Filter replacement guidelines: every season (3-6 months) *May be earlier depending on usage. How to clean filter: Fill a bucket or other container large enough for the filter with water, and leave the filter in for half a day. Dirt will dissolve into water. After draining, put new water in product for use.
Precautions: *Natural vaporizing: steam and condensation are not visible. Humidifying capacity differs based on room temperature and humidity conditions. *Use clean water. Do not add aroma oils. Container may break. *Do not place on top of computer, documents, or sensitive equipment. Place on a level surface. *This product does not humidify an entire room. *Colors may appear different depending on monitor brightness. 

Item No. 744728999028
Jan: 4532902200531

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