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Tote bags

Wood Pattern Denim Tote Bag

JP ¥25,080

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Mode planning Tanimoto

Tote bags

Wood Pattern Denim Tote Bag

JP ¥25,080

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"Ibara Denim" created this beautiful, wooden patterned tote bag. 

The gentleness and warmth of wood is made into the design of this beautiful bag by the craftsmen. 

A delicate, handmade process brought about the softness of the bag while also focusing on its functionality.


What is "Ibara Denim"?


Only the high-quality denim produced in Ihara city of Okayama prefecture, which is known for its production of Jeans, 

and approved by the Ibara Denim Council, can be labeled as "Ibara Denim".

Denims are evaluated by the Council using a several criteria such as "Sewing", "Processing" and "Finishing Touch".


■Materials: Wood Denim : Cotton 100%, Handle: Cowhide Leather

Country of origin: Okayama

BrandIbara Denim D#

■Manufacturer: Mode Planning TANIMOTO CO .LTD. 

■Size: Width: approx.43cm, Depth: approx.10cm, Height: approx.3.5cm, Capacity(only bag) 11.5L

■Weight(g)(only product):444

■Weight(g)(including packaging):446


*Because of denim's feature, getting the bag wet or adding friction to it may cause fading and dye transfer.

*Dry as soon as possible when the bag gets moisture from rain or perspiration.

*Be careful of dye transfer on clothing.

*Exposing the bag in direct sun light or fluorescent light may cause fading.

*The handle is made of cowhide leather.

*Do not stack anything on the bag. Store in a well-ventilated place with low temperature and low humidity.

*Air dry indoors when it's raining, especially during rain season.

*Do not iron.

Note: The handle is made of cowhide leather produced in Italy.

Item No. V04923999028
Jan: 4985155179312

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